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Divorce: Your Exit Strategy - Divorce Attorney Reno

Divorce Strategy

Invariably one of the first questions we are asked in an initial consultation by potential clients seriously considering divorce is 'how do I plan for divorce?'

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Child Custody And The Pandemic
Many people are asking how COVID-19 affects child custody

Adult Guardianship in Nevada
I know that you do family law and divorce here in Reno, but I was wondering if you also do elder law?

Child Custody Evaluation
Can an ex-husband force a new doctor he has chosen for a custody evaluation? Will the court have to decide this issue?

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Legal Minute: Alimony in Nevada100 Legal Minute: Alimony in Nevada
‚ÄčNevada does not have a statute that tells us how to calculate an alimony award in the event of divorce. Here's what our statute
Legal Minute: Distribution of Property99 Legal Minute: Distribution of Property
Nevada law requires that when granting a divorce the court must equally divide the community property.