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{video_thumbnail111} Divorce Survival Tips: Temporary Support Payments
Try to come to an agreement with your spouse about alimony and child support, at least temporarily.
{video_thumbnail110} Divorce Survival Tips: Separate your Money
When preparing for separation and divorce, divide up your bank accounts.
{video_thumbnail109} Divorce Survival Tips: Take Care of You
When going through a divorce, don't forget to take care of yourself.
{video_thumbnail108} Divorce Survival Tips: Seek Good Advice
Seek divorce advice from an attorney, accountant and other experts to understand the important consequences of divorce.
{video_thumbnail107} Divorce Survival Tips: Reassure Your Kids
Your kids need to know that they are not loosing their family with divorce.
{video_thumbnail106} Divorce Survival Tips: Freshen Up Your Resume
When approaching divorce, it's a good idea to prepare for re-joining the workforce with a new resume.
{video_thumbnail105} Divorce: Not the Best Time for Life Altering Decisions
Divorce is a process, not an isolated incident. Be careful how you approach life changing decisions during your divorce.
{video_thumbnail104} Divorce Survival Tips: Child Custody in Nevada
It's better to work out a child custody schedule on your own.
{video_thumbnail103} Divorce Survival Tips: Don’t Fold Under Pressure
In a divorce, generally, half of everything earned during marriage belongs to you.
{video_thumbnail102} Don’t Alienate Your Kids From Your Spouse
Your kids deserve to have a good relationship with both parents.
{video_thumbnail101} Divorce Survival Tips: One Day At A Time
It's really important to just take it one day at a time. Divorce is devastating, but it does get easier as time goes on. Spend t
{video_thumbnail100} Legal Minute: Alimony in Nevada
‚ÄčNevada does not have a statute that tells us how to calculate an alimony award in the event of divorce. Here's what our statute
{video_thumbnail99} Legal Minute: Distribution of Property
Nevada law requires that when granting a divorce the court must equally divide the community property.
{video_thumbnail98} Get Your Name On Accounts
Make sure your name is on all of your financial and asset accounts and that both signatures are required. This will make sure yo
{video_thumbnail97} Make Copies of Documents
When heading towards divorce, make copies of all important financial and personal documents such as tax returns, bank statements
{video_thumbnail96} Annulment in Nevada
In this video from Moms Everyday, Jessica talks about Annulment in Nevada.
{video_thumbnail95} Divorce Survival Tips: Ask For Help
Ask for help when going through a divorce
{video_thumbnail94} Divorce Survival Tips: Be Realistic
Have realistic expectations when it comes to your divorce.
{video_thumbnail91} Substance Abuse and Divorce
‚ÄčJessica Anderson has represented parents on both sides of substance abuse and child custody in Nevada. Nevada family court take
{video_thumbnail90} Moving Out of State with a Child as Divorce is Pending
Yes, and no... Jessica Anderson answers this question