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Co-Parenting: A Primary Focus of this Blog


As a family law attorney, divorced mother of one, married stepmother of one and mother of whom I will lovingly call the “linking child” (i.e. the child of a second marriage where one or both spouses have children from a prior marriage),

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Prenuptial Agreements
I got married on December 31, 2016 in Costa Rica. The wedding was very expensive and included 120 of our closest friends and family. Six months prior he had mentioned the idea of a prenup but I did not think he was serious and we did not discuss it again.

Can my Parental Rights be Terminated?
A parent's right to raise a child is an essential and basic civil right. Terminating your parental rights will be based on your abandonment of the child.

Josh & Katie
Katie found out Josh kissed a girl at a bachelor party. The trust was completely gone. She asked for a divorce and $10K payment for the wedding expenses.

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Divorce Survival Tips: Temporary Support Payments111 Divorce Survival Tips: Temporary Support Payments
Try to come to an agreement with your spouse about alimony and child support, at least temporarily.
Divorce Survival Tips: Separate your Money110 Divorce Survival Tips: Separate your Money
When preparing for separation and divorce, divide up your bank accounts.
Divorce Survival Tips: Take Care of You109 Divorce Survival Tips: Take Care of You
When going through a divorce, don't forget to take care of yourself.